Our mobile BIOLOX® Education Center is a modern training center which travels around North America. The focus is on daily challenges clinicians face in the field of joint replacement.

Understand the science behind implant materials and the biological impact on the clinical outcome!

Our aim is to provide a tool for further education that equips doctors, surgeons, nurses and other health professionals with up-to-date knowledge about our medical ceramics for their daily clinical practice. Furthermore, we offer hands-on exhibits to train on the handling of ceramic implant components, and also the latest clinical evidence of the benefits of ceramics in orthopaedics. Our focus is on the material ceramic and your education!

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Our mobile BIOLOX® Education Center is a full length semi truck converted into a modern training center for further education. The center offers an interactive learning experience with five stations on different topics including a mini-lab for hands-on training with ceramic components.

Let’s dive into the world of advanced ceramics in medical applications...

  • Understand the material and its biological interactions in the body.
  • Experience the benefits of ceramics based on clinical evidence.
  • Feel inspired by our on-board lectures on selected topics, like fretting corrosion or the biological impact of biomaterials.
  • Benefit from our hands-on training on safe handling of ceramic bearing couples for your daily clinical practice.
  • Find out about the cost effectiveness of ceramics in the episode of care.
  • Explore the future possibilities of medical ceramics.



The truck will keep on rolling! Find out if it’s coming to a city near you and click on the stops on the map. You can also send us a request for the truck to visit your hospital or clinic via the “Book the truck” button below.
PCHK Symposium in Salt Lake City
480 Wakara Way,
Marriott University Park, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84108
University of Florida Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Institute
3450 Hull Road ,
Gainseville, FL, 32607
Emory University Orthopaedics & Spine Hospital
1455 Montreal Road ,
Tucker, GA, 30084
TriStar Centennial Medical Center
1211 Medical Center Drive ,
Nashville, TN, 37232
  • Modern and well equipped mobile education center with mini-lab
  • Interactive learning experience with 5 learning stations
  • On-board lectures on selected topics
  • Hands-on training with our medical ceramics for orthopaedics
BIOLOX® Education Center Tour 2018


December 20th, 2019


From 11th to 14th of December our mobile BIOLOX® Education Center stopped at the CCJR Winter Meeting in Orlando, FL.

For four days numerous visitors came to join us onboard the truck for a five-station interactive learning experience on ceramics in orthopaedics. The tour included a hands-on ceramic component training in our mini-lab.

October 19th, 2018

BIOLOX® Education Center

Tour 2018

More than 1,100 US healthcare professionals from some of the most highly respected orthopedic teaching hospitals visited the mobile BIOLOX® Education Center last year to gain a better understanding of the clinical benefits for the patients when using BIOLOX®delta ceramic components.

The learning experience included multiple interactive exhibits on topics such as the importance of bearing material strength & toughness, host response and material interaction, clinical efficacy, and the future applications of BIOLOX®delta currently in development. Participant feedback was very positive; a highlight for many was the opportunity to attend onboard lectures presented by a number of well-respected surgeons from around the country.

It was an honor for us to welcome the participants on this first mobile BIOLOX® Education Center Tour. Thank you for making this experience a successful learning event!


Commercial Director Americas
Grant Shopoff 
 telephone +1.864.683-8825